Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Chubby Bee Meets Chubby Bear

One of granddaughter Izzy's favorite Disney characters is Special Agent OSO.  The only present she asked for from our trip was an OSO teddy bear. She got her bear, but I also made sure that we got a photo with OSO and Mary got her an autograph.  I'm hoping that the next time I meet OSO,  I'm not so chubby.

Yesterday went pretty well.  The oatmeal kept me feeling full until lunch time.  My tuna pasta salad was delicious and filling.  We ended up with waxed beans for dinner because there was no cabbage for cole slaw. The grits were a pleasant and unexpected surprise.  We followed the directions on the bag for 6 servings.  But we ended up with a huge pot full of grits.  We stirred in a can of evaporated skim milk, and before we added the cheese, Pat suggested that we take a bowlful out.  She felt they would be good for breakfast with maple syrup.  Being northerners, we don't eat many grits, but I was willing to give it a try.  While the grits were still hot, I threw in a handful of dried cranberries.  And we decided to try it right then and there.  I added a little of my sugar-free syrup and it was delicious.  We let the rest of the bowl cool off a little before we put them in the refrigerator.  So, as soon as I finish this blog, I'm heading to the kitchen for some of my grits.  Just the thought of them makes me smile.

Daughter Pam made wedding soup last night and has offered to bring me a bowl for my lunch today.  It's chilly and rainy here today, so soup will be very welcome.  I cooked a turkey over the weekend, and since it's just Rod and I for dinner tonight, we are going to finish up the gravy and turkey with hot turkey sandwiches.  A perfect dinner for a fall evening.  Have a healthy day.


  1. My daughter and I have been on a weight loss journey as well. We both found that protein held us for longer than carbs. We are both on Weight Watchers. That is works best for us, but each person is different.

    But our normal breakfast is this:

    One egg and one added egg white - scrambled
    3 wassa crackers - crispy'n light 7 grain - 20 calories per slice - topped with two wedges split between the 3 crackers of Laughing Cow light creamy swiss cheese (each wedge is 35 calories). These crackers are also topped with thin slices of plum tomatos and alittle bit of onion. And salt.

    And fruit. And coffee of course. Without coffee I can't find my way out the door. :-)

    That breakfast also holds us until lunch. On weight watchers that is a 4 point breakfast (2 points for the egg and extra egg white, 1 point for the 3 crackers, 1 point for the 2 cheese wedges (they have several flavors of 35 calorie wedges), 0 points for the vegs and the fruit).

    We have that breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know that sounds boring, but when we are dieting, having planned meals that I don't have to think about works for us mentally, and this breakfast is filling and it holds us.

  2. I'm out of the loop on some of the characters and don't know OSO. I also don't like grits, but it sounds like you have found a couple of good breakfast things for your diet!