Monday, September 26, 2011

Failure or Success??

That is the question of the day!!  Last week, I watched what I ate, followed Weight Watchers, weighed and measured my food, and didn't cheat.  For me that was the hardest thing -- no cheating.  I can find ways to excuse eating what I shouldn't better than anyone I know.  This morning I stepped on the scale and had lost 2-1/2 pounds.  Not a lot, that's for sure.  But it's a start.  And I feel better.  My blood sugar numbers have been good, and so I guess it's success.

After Retired Knitter posted about the WASA crackers and Laughing Cow cheese, daughter Mary picked up the crackers and two kinds of the cheese wedges - the French Onion, and the Mozzarella with Sun Dried tomato and basil.  For my snack in the evening, I take two crackers and spread them with one wedge of the cheese.  And it's so good and it's satisfying.  Thanks, RK for this suggestion.

I think I probably would have shown more of a loss had I consumed more water.  I'm not a big drinker and I think that's part of my problem.  I know that I need water to cleanse my body, and my goal for this week is to drink the water suggested by WW.  Wish me Luck!


  1. You are most welcome. My daughter and I also add to the top of the cheese and crackers slivers of tomato and onion. If you like those things it is a very tasteful addition and it adds no points.

    I know besides having that for every breakfast, we have it for a snack - I even add alittle salt which also spikes the taste - if you are allowed to have salt. It can stand alone, however.

    I, too, am not a water drinker. I generally have no thirst at all. Being dehydrated is a constant issue for me. Watermelon is mostly water and no points on weight watchers. That might help some. I wish I had some better ideas about water consumption. It is a mighty struggle for me too.

    But 2 1/2 pounds is a great weight loss. Great Job.

    The only other thing that might be good to add is a pedometer. Keeping moving is also helpful when losing weight. You might only have a couple hundred steps a day. But if you write them down in a journal, and promise yourself each day you will add a few steps more - even if it is only 20 steps more, eventually your extra movement will add up.

    If walking is a problem, there are free web sites that can provide step equivalents for sitting exercises.

    I would stringely recommend you check out Walker Tracker. It is a free web site when you can log your step totals each day, you can blog about your efforts, you can "friend" people (like me who should be walking more and needs to get back to it) and where you can see a visual of your progress. It is a great site. I will come back with the web address so you can find it easily.

    I am so glad you are taking this journey. Watching you make progress encourages me to be more active as well.

    Be back soon.

    PS - I don't want to overwhelm you with my chatter, but I guess I get excited about working together to make things better for both of us.

  2. Here is the site.

  3. Hey, one more thing ...

    I am south of Baltimore and I am a Ravens fan!! Sorry about your Steeler's losing to my Ravens!!! As a football fan, I know that was a hard for you. I assume you are a Steeler's fan.

    However, I am gleeful that the Ravens won!! Go Ravens!!

  4. I am most definitely a Steelers fan. We lost this time, but it was just to psych you out! We'll get you the next time! LOL

  5. LOL - I am not really a sports fan, but I do watch the Ravens. They are my only attachment to sports!

    And I don't want to worry you or anything, but this year is a "Ravens Year". :-) Better to accept that now - rather than be disappointed later !!