Thursday, July 12, 2012

Healthy Is as Healthy Does

I've recently been introduced to a new website:  Some of the recipes had been pinned to Pinterest, and I found them there.  These refrigerator oatmeals looked so good to me, and I've decided to give them a try. These oatmeal recipes use oatmeal, greek yogurt, chai seeds and assorted other flavors and fruits.  I have recently rejoined Weight Watchers, and the recipes include the Weight Watcher points as well as the other nutrition facts.  So far, I've looked at 14 different flavors, and choosing which to make will be a hard decision.  

As I was checking out the website, I came across recipes for these Healthy Breakfast Bread Puddings.  I think they look Yummy, and they have less than 150 calories.  I'm planning to try both of these, and I think The Yummy Life is one of my new favorite websites.

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