Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Disappointed But Determined

Well, another disappointing weigh-in.  It was another weight gain.  Not a lot, but still a gain.  Two bumpy weeks in a row, but I am more determined.  When I plugged my numbers into my weight tracker, the message said to review my tracker and see what changes I had made.  And that's exactly what I did!  Here's what I found.  The first few weeks when I had a significant loss, I had made a protein shake for breakfast.  It was quick and I didn't feel hungry before lunchtime.  For some reason, I have been eating cereal these last two weeks.  I noticed a rise in my mid morning blood sugar readings, and perhaps that cereal also contributed to my weight gain.  For lunch, I had been eating tomatoes with sandwiches or soup.  Our tomato season has ended, and store bought tomatoes just don't taste like our home-grown.  I had been eating one slice of thick sliced bologna on my sandwich.  Perhaps, this next week I will try thick sliced turkey with mustard and pickles, and drink a tomato juice (Mmm).  There were no significant changes in dinner, but I had changed my evening snacks.  Also, I found that I had not been eating my yogurt.  That will change!  This morning, I am making a protein shake, but I don't have any fresh strawberries.  I have strawberry protein powder which I haven't tried yet, so I'm going to add a container of strawberry yogurt to my milk and use the strawberry powder.  And, I will start pushing the water.

I am now realizing that although I am staying in my points allowed, what I choose to use for those points can, and does,  make a difference. I am so glad that I am using the Weight Watchers online site because I wouldn't have thought to look at my food tracker had they not suggested it.  Just as with my blood sugar numbers, what I choose to put into my mouth affects my weight numbers.  Its a fresh week and time to make a fresh start,

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  1. Great attitude!!! Have you also used the message boards/forums on the WW online site? There you can always find others who are struggling with whatever issue you may have at the moment....and it really helps to keep from getting discouraged...and also helps, quite often, to give some good suggestions from those who have "been there".