Monday, October 10, 2011

A Little Disappointed

Today is my weigh in day, and I'm a little disappointed.  I've gained .3 pounds.  It's not a big gain, but it's not a loss.  I did increase my water intake, and I tried to eat more veggies.  But last night, I splurged on a hot fudge sundae.  Maybe that's responsible for my small gain.

All in all, it was an upsetting week.  First, my mom fell and broke a rib.  She's badly bruised and very sore.  I cry when things like this happen to her.  She took unbelievably great care of my dad before he died.  My dad went into the hospital for surgery, and came out 13 months later with no spleen, a colostomy, and being unable to walk independently.  His colostomy was in a very awkward place since it was supposed to be only temporary.  However, he never gained his health back to be able to have that surgery.  Every time you turned around, it would blow loose and my poor dad was just covered in waste.  While he cried, my mom would clean him up and change his clothes, all the while talking softly to him and reminding him how much she loved him.  Mom lost him and my sister within two years of each other, and has suffered through breast and rectal cancer herself.  And it's difficult for me to understand why, after all she did to take care of my dad, she needs to go through so much physical pain.

I heard that Dr. Oz was having a show on boosting your metabolism.  I figured this was a must-see for me and so I DVR'd it.  I had good intentions, but it didn't turn out that way.  Dr. Oz advised to take zinc 12 - 15 mgs. daily.  When I went to the store to purchase the zinc, I couldn't remember how much to take, so I bought 50 mg. tablets, and started taking two a day.  I also started to eat the pistachios and dried apricots he recommended.  And started drinking the iced water he recommended.  Not a good thing for Linny.  Too many pistachios caused major belly problems - if you get my drift!  And I started to experience a tingling in my hands and feet.  At first I chalked it up to diabetic neuropathy.  But it kept getting worse.  And I started to feel really tired, and not so chipper.  So, I googled zinc overdose, and discovered that some of the symptoms were diarrhea, tingling in the extremities, and tiredness.  Seems I get the suggested amount in my daily vitamin, and by taking the extra (way too much extra)  I was overdosing myself.  So, the zinc tablets have gone by the wayside.  Please know that I don't blame anyone but myself for this.  It was a lack of proper education on my part.  So, my advice is that before you start some of the things you see on TV, educate yourself.  Know what you take already and consult you own doctor before taking the advice of celebrity doctors.

I'm not discouraged.  This week I need to try harder, trust my own judgement, and stick to my guns.  See you next Monday.


  1. Do not be discouraged about .3 weight increase. The body fluctuates naturally. So if you had gone to the bathroom, the .3 might not have been there at all.

    I gain 2 pounds this week. And that was because all week I cheated. So that is a real weight gain. Need to do better this week. I am not discouraged. Getting rid of weight is a life long effort ... after all ... the weight didn't come on in a week's time and it won't go away that quickly either.

    You are doing just great. Keep up the good work.

  2. you know what? this is a new week and a new start!

    I need to get back on the bandwagon also. What is it about hot fudge? Rich bought a jar and twice this week (remember it's only Tuesday!) I have had a sundae. And I don't really even like ice cream! It's that dang hot fudge. I DID however use a coffee cup instead of a bowl...I got a WHOLE coffee cup of ice cream with hot fudge instead of a small amt in a big bowl. Made me feel better...