Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Weigh In

Yesterday I weighed myself for no good reason. Yipee, I had lost a pound. This morning was my official weigh-in and when I stepped on the scale, I had gained two pounds. I stepped off, reset the scale and stepped back on. I had gained 3 more pounds in less than a minute. I don't need the aggravation. I have my check up next week - I'll get weighed then.

The past two weeks I've been having some issues with my Victoza.  I've had pain in my stomach, lots of gas, back pain, leg cramps, nausea and an all around feeling of yuckiness (a medical term, I'm sure).  Saturday night I had decided to stop taking it.  While googling to see if I had to wean off it, I found a message board for people who are taking Victoza.  I started reading posts.  Some people are losing as high as 10 pounds in a month (No me.)  And I learned that others have had the same problems that I've been experiencing.  One thing I learned was that I needed to drink more water.  Dehydration is a side effect of the Victoza.  I've been taking my injection in the morning after breakfast -- big mistake.  Others who had similar problems switched and starting taking their injections at 10:00 p.m.  So yesterday, I did not take a shot in the morning and had no stomach pains, no nausea and I started to feel better.  But when 10 o'clock rolled around, I was apprehensive.  What if this didn't solve my problems.  But, I took the injection and went to bed around 10:30.  I got up about 7:15 this morning, and still had no stomach pains or nausea.  And, my blood sugar was 92, a really great number.  Two food items that I really miss since being diagnosed are bananas and grapefruit.  My medication says not to eat grapefruit, but when I checked with my pharmacist, he told me I could have a grapefruit on occasion, just not an entire case!  And over the weekend, we bought three bananas.  Since my fasting number was so good this morning, I decided it was time for a banana.  Since Izzy was here, I asked her if she wanted to share my banana.  I cut it in half -- wasn't I a good girl.  And with my banana I had a hard boiled egg (protein) and a can of tomato juice (veggie).  But, since the banana is high in natural sugar, I didn't eat any carbs for breakfast.  And we'll see what my numbers are like in a couple of hours.  I'm learning that diabetes is basically trial and error.  Each person's body is different, and what works for one may not work for others.  I will eventually get the best of this, I know I will.

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  1. Two things.

    You have to consider that the scale is not totally valid all the time. Home scales are not exact measuring devices - often they are correct within a certain range. I find that my scale weights me 2 pounds light compared to Weight Watcher scales.

    Water is critical. Water weight can be a problem and screws the scale reading. Weight watches suggest 8 glasses a day. Nearly impossible for me. But I do try to keep my fluids up because as strange as it sounds, drinking large quantities helps flush the body and reduce water retention.

    So don't be discouraged by one week's weigh in. Think long term. After all you are making a life style change and one week is not a "life".