Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Welcome 2012

If you follow this blog, you know that weight loss and I are pretty much strangers.  Oh, I take a stab at it, but find I easily fall off the path.  Before Christmas I downloaded a book for my Kindle on Motivation.  I thought it would help me to build my will power.  But some of the things this book proposed seemed a little weird to me, and I have only finished reading 23 of the 100 proposals.  I subscribe to a few magazines, mostly on food and quilting.  One of my favorites is Diabetic Living, which is published by Better Homes and Gardens.  I also follow Diabetic Living on Facebook, and lately I have been getting some pretty good tips and recipes from this source. One of their latest posts advised that one stop dieting.  It caught my attention, and so I continued to read.  They advised that if one concentrates on bringing one's blood sugar numbers into the right zone and on healthy eating habits, that weight loss will be a welcome side effect.  There are some other really great tips in this article, and I'm making my way to implementing them into my life.  I'm beginning a journal, sort of a diary where I can list my short time goals and check them off when I've accomplished them.  I plan to keep track of when I was tempted to binge or eat what should not be a part of my diabetic regime.  And then try to decide how to prevent it from happening again.  It's not easy to concentrate on "me", but I think I'm going to put up a small mirror in my sewing room and hang a sign above it that says, "This is your motivation".  Because my motivation has to be ME, not someone else.  I need help, I know that.  But I know that I also have a great support system in my family, and in my cyber friends.   I can use some company, if you want to travel along.


  1. When I first started my diabetic diet I found that I needed to plan out my meals for the day..week..and then type them out and put it on the fridge...as I ate something I crossed it off. That kept me on track and also allowed me to know that I had good food just around the corner at lunch, snack, dinner etc. Of course it helps that I am not, nor have ever been a snacker...

  2. The diabetic diet has been recognized as a healthy diet for decades. Following a path that is guided by diabetic principles makes total sense to me. Focus on the blood sugar, listen to your body and move, move as much as you are able, and you will be golden.

    Remember my pedometer suggestion long time ago. I started on my pedometer again this year - because moving is just that important!

    I am excited for you. Keep focused. Nancy's idea of planning out your meals in advance and checking them off is WONDERFUL. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out.

    Happy New Year - chubby Bee

  3. I want to make an effort like this, too. I hope we both have good luck with it.